SEM: Google Ads (Google AdWords) & Pay-Per-Click Management

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Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords) is a comprehensive paid advertising program created by Google. Pay per click campaigns are customer targeted, extremely effective, and can deliver incredible return on investment (ROI). Google Ads can also highlight areas of your website that can be enhanced with on-page SEO.

How Does Adwords Work?

The basic premise of Google Ads is simple: we curate a list of optimum keywords for your ad groups, show your ad to people actively searching for your product and/or service, and then these potential customers click on your ad to visit your website.

How We Manage Your Campaign

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While the days of conventional advertising (i.e. billboards, brochures, and business cards) are still alive and well, Google Ads has taken marketing to a whole new level. Arguably, the most significant benefit of Google’s platform is its measurability. The quality and quantity of data you can collect allows business owners to fine-tune their advertising to target a precise demographic, location, language, and more.

Ethos Copywriting analyzes this data to create useful, valuable, and relevant ads for your potential customers. We also utilize this information to expand your reach and increase your visibility to customers that are actively searching for your products and service.

Ethos Copywriting ensures that your campaign is not only cost effective and efficient, but that the process is easy for you. Once you decide on your monthly budget, you can get back to doing what you do best: making excellent products and providing exceptional service.

The Many Perks of AdWords

  • Measurable: From the time of day an ad is clicked to the exact amount of impressions your ad receives, nearly every element of Google Adwords is measurable.

  • Cost Effective: Remember, you pick your monthly budget. Although, we may make some budget suggestions depending on the amount of product you want to sell, the variety of services you provide, and the level of competition.

  • Competitive: The Google Ads Auction levels the playing field by providing an opportunity for businesses, both big and small, to compete fairly for a spot at the top. Because Google Ads takes into account your website, your landing page, keywords, and many other aspects of your campaign, it’s not always who has the highest bid, but who is most relevant to the search query.

  • Targeting Options: With Google Ads, you can use sophisticated targeting tools to maximize your ROI and fine-tune your campaign. Target by location, device, language, time, auto-tagging, and more.

  • Remarketing: Show your ads to users who have previously visited your site to remind them of your products and services. Remarketing allows your ads to be visible to people who are most likely to be interested in your products and services.

Many Ways to Stand Out

Google Ads extensions allow businesses to add additional information to their ads. Add call buttons for mobile users, extra sitelinks, location extensions, and many more. When you build up your ads with extensions, you’re also significantly increasing the visibility of your ad.

How to Get Started

Contact Ethos Copywriting today to find out how Google Ads can help you generate leads, increase brand awareness, and most importantly, get more conversions.