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Great Brands Aren't Built on Ads, They're Built on Content

About Ethos Copywriting, a content marketing and SEO Firm in Erie, PA.

Ethos Copywriting was founded on the premise that great content could drive business growth, raise funding for nonprofits, and build a stronger sense of trust between consumers and brands. From blogs and eBooks to press releases and screenplays, we sought to build a company that united cutting-edge SEO & SEM technology with the time-tested power of the written word.


Content Marketing in Erie, PA

From the heart of downtown Erie, Pennsylvania, we’re working with clients all across the United States. Since Ethos’ inception 2016, our team has been working tirelessly to maximize ROI for businesses, non-profits, and other organizations by adding results-driven content to their respective marketing strategies.

One Mission, Three Objectives


Ethos Copywriting strives to create incredible content for organizations, elevate the standard for branded journalism, and illuminate the power of the written word.

Write Your World

Ethos Copywriting doesn’t just produce search engine optimized, direct-response copy, we create a world with our words. We specialize in seamlessly blending the unique voice of our clients with exceptional branded content that captures their message and the essence of their organization.

Perhaps you want your copy to read so smoothly it feels like the words could melt in your mouth, or perhaps you need it so bold and visceral that every syllable lands heavy, like a hammer being swung from the bottom of the handle. Whatever the case may be, we’re here to tell your story.

Our Process

With Ethos Copywriting, you get think-tank-level brain power, with the tenacity of a Madison avenue ad agency.

1. Epiphany Session

An electric charge surges through the proverbial light bulb so hard it bursts with the realization that you need new content.

Now pause, take the time to enjoy the euphoria of your epiphany, and then let’s resume with an equally rhapsodic brainstorming session. During this phase, we’ll learn about you, your goals, and what kind of content you’d like to create.

Whether you’re in need of SEO or content marketing, Ethos Copywriting has you covered.

2. Production Session

Now Ethos is up to bat. During this phase, we conduct keyword, topical, and thematic research on your industry, learn about your target market, and build a strategy for distribution and publication.

Once you’re digging the direction, we'll ramp up. Throughout the process, you’ll receive updates to ensure you’re in agreement with the voice, tone, and vernacular of your content.

We take a holistic approach to content and a data-driven approach to SEO.

3. Evaluation Session

Once your content is published and/or distributed, it’s important to analyze the results.

Whether you’re aiming to amplify brand awareness, elevate your search authority, or increase conversions, we’ll determine what areas are attracting your target market and what content still needs to be created in order to obtain your desired level of high-quality engagement.


Every piece Ethos creates goes through a meticulous editing process, and each source we use during our research is trustworthy, up-to-date, and highly-regarded across the web. Put simply: We write content that converts.

The Ethics of Ethos

We’re a small business with big ideas. From how we care for our clients to our own rigorous content standards, we’ve distilled our core values into three actions:

We hope to contribute to culture with our content and positive company culture.

Contribute to Culture

As Ethos grows, were building a culture that fosters collaboration, individuality, and innovation. We believe in the human spirit, dreaming big, and driving change.

It’s our belief that both organizations and individuals should promote peace over violence, challenge the status quo, and spread care for each other. We assert that differences should be embraced and that curiosity is the cornerstone of progress.

Ethos Copywriting strives to engage in eco-friendly business practices.

Do The Right Thing

Being kind, compassionate, and empathic never goes out of style.

It’s imperative that we respect one another and our earth. Never forget that small acts of decency can have a massive impact on our society.

We believe honesty is always the best policy, even in the face of adversity. At the end of the day, we trust that doing the right thing will always be more profitable than venality.

Not only do we work hard, we work smart.

Work Resourcefully

Working hard shows fortitude, while working smart demonstrates intellect—that’s why we do both.

We assert that experience and knowledge are the driving factors behind extraordinary results.

In our hearts we want to create content that matters—that elevates the editorial standards of today, and is a motivating force in the success of our clients.

Build Your Ethos

Whether your goal is to become a thought leader in your field or to boost your SEO, we’re here to help you do both and then some. With the right content, you can drive your organization to the next level of success. When you’re ready to build your ethos, contact us by clicking the button below.



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