Why Becoming a Thought Leader Will Give You Authority In Your Field


If you’re like most hard-working entrepreneurs, you probably want to be taken seriously for the amount of time you’ve dedicated to your job. Late nights, early mornings, dark circles under your eyes—you’re working tirelessly to get where you are, but you want to take it to the next level without cramming more into your workday. So how can you get noticed for the work that you’ve been doing?

It’s simple. Show your audience you know your field as a leader of inquiry, discussion, insight, and research. Becoming a thought leader doesn’t happen overnight; your acumen and opinions are only taken seriously if you’ve built credibility around your name, business, or brand. While this can take years to accomplish through building genuine relationships, on-the-job training, and formal education, producing web content that shows you're on the bleeding edge of your industry can put you in the express lane to leading your field.

Speak Fondly

The most engaging conversations begin with passion. As Steve Jobs said, “people with passion can change the world.” A passionate speaker evokes much more emotion in an audience than a boring babbler. In fact, passionately speaking conveys authenticity to your audience; according to Forbes, it allows them to trust you through exposure to your emotions and values.

Becoming a thought leader in your field will require a lot of repeated discussion with new audiences, interviewers, and media outlets. If at times it feels like you're reiterating your point, remember to explore new opinions and research on the topic.

Furthermore, advocating for your field may stir up some questions or controversy, so knowing and feeling strongly about every aspect is important. Eloquently communicating your stance on the subject is excellent material for your website, blog, social feeds, and e-newsletters. Remember, strong content is at the core of driving traffic to your site and building trust with your audience.

Do Your Homework


There’s a reason university professors have obtained the highest degrees in their fields—most people prefer knowledge and advice to come from an expert. Experience equates to authority, so garner some credentials to prove yourself, if you haven’t done so already. The most highly regarded measures of qualification and experience include a combination of:

  • Earning recognized certifications

  • Publishing in your field’s top journals

  • Obtaining a high degree

  • Volunteering your expertise to a board of directors

  • Working in your field for at least 10-20 years

Learning your topic is not a one-stop-shop; as society changes, most fields of study evolve. Stay current by attending conferences, conducting your own research, and leading the conversation through academic inquiry. Producing content online opens the field up for discussion and contributes to a community of engagement and inquiry.

Be Specific

The best way to learn a subject in totality is to narrow down your chosen concentration. Tackling the ins-and-outs of schooner sailing seems much more reasonable than mastering sailing on every type of boat. The more clearly defined your topic, the more you’re able to learn about it. And once you’re well-versed, your chances of gaining notoriety on the subject have risen.

Conquering one specific topic is also a great way to build out your personal brand. Unless you are Bill Nye the Science Guy, you most likely won’t grab the attention you seek by associating yourself with one broad subject. Hone in on what interests you most and learn everything about it by researching, reading, and obtaining the highest degrees and certifications. Make it an integral part of yourself.

Talk About It

Want to get noticed for what you love doing? Start telling people about it! You don’t want to drive your friends crazy, but the more often you engage in conversations about your passion project, the more likely you are to get people to believe it. In fact, according to research conducted through The IBM Institute for Business Value, 64% of consumers must have a passion for a brand before engaging with them on social media. Ignite the fire with conversion and continue stoking your social media with better content.


Moreover, avoid any hint of confirmation bias by exploring all sides of your field. Approach your topic from all points of view, tackle counter arguments, and play devil’s advocate.

Sharing your ideas will help you build a network of like-minded cohorts in your field. Participating in discussions with other industry thought leaders gives you the chance to make your voice heard on a higher level. Additionally, strong connections with brilliant minds may begin to rub off on you—according to author Tim Ferriss, “you are the average of the five people you most associate with.”

Get The World Involved

While you may not have the time to earn more certifications, volunteer your skills, or obtain multiple degrees, you can get your voice heard. Publishing your latest research online, building basic how-to material, discussing popular topics—these are ways to get your readers to recognize you as a titan of your industry. But you’re already so busy, so how do you find the time for even that?

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