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Advertising Is No Longer Just An Ad, It’s Content.

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Look here—great content marketing:

  1. increases your search authority

  2. strengthens your brand

  3. improves your advertising

As a business owner, your main goal is to get more conversions. While AdWords and other PPC campaigns can increase the amount of traffic to your site, it’s the on-page content and marketing that makes the sale. Ethos Copywriting creates valuable, relevant, worthwhile content that drives your target audience to your site, and then turns that web traffic into conversions.

The process for your clients goes something like this:

There is a problem

People research a solution

They narrow down options

Finally, a decision is made

Let’s Make Sure They Pick You

If you know you have incredible products, good web traffic, but few purchasers (or at least fewer than you’d like), Ethos Copywriting will create a conversion strategy that’s built to turn your browsers into buyers. It’s about keeping your audience interested and engaged. However, to do this, you need a plan. By creating a comprehensive conversion marketing strategy, you’re one step closer to converting web traffic into paying customers.

It’s Your Story

There’s an amazing story to tell behind every business. Part of our strategy is to find yours. Through our copywriting and research, your audience will enjoy engaging with your brand. They’ll return for more knowledge, see that you’re credible, and finally, they’ll convert. Ethos writes web content that informs your customer on the research they need, explains why your product or business is the right choice, and then shows them where and how to take action.

We do this by elevating your marketing content past a simple description of your products and services; we tell your audience why your business is the best in the industry. Here at Ethos, we specialize in conversion-focused, search engine optimized, and audience-appealing copywriting.

Content marketing options include, but are not limited to:

  • Blogs

  • Branded Storytelling

  • Branded Journalism

  • Custom Publishing

  • Customer Media

  • E-Books

  • Email

  • Newsletters

  • Press Releases

  • Social Media Marketing (Integrated Marketing)

  • Online Magazines

  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Content

Our goal is to keep the customer engaged until the conversion is made. For you, that could be a sale, an email inquiry, or a phone call. During a potential customer’s research time, they may leave your site, and then return upon realizing they like your product, site, and/or marketing more. Often, when two companies have similar products, customers make their decisions based on your content. They want to know who is more credible, knowledgeable, and engaging as a business. The probability of getting return visitors increases drastically when you provide quality marketing content for them to browse. Good copywriting improves site traffic, develops brand recognition, and increases conversion rate.

Market Research

Through our scrupulous research we become experts in your field. We develop a picture of your ideal client, gain a thorough understand of your industry, and highlight the strengths of your company. We examine your target audience by researching: demographics, key search terms, buying behavior,  and more. This ensures that you’re targeting potential customers, not just your peers and competitors. Still, knowing your competition is a smart move, so we investigate your top competitors in order to develop even better content for you. Ethos Copywriting makes your business stand out. We’ll find strengths in your company you never knew you had.

Why Pick Ethos Copywriting

The writing and marketing we do here at Ethos is creative, research-driven, and integrated seamlessly into your company’s message. If a brand is what you’re here for, let’s build you one. We’ll develop your identity through content that blends your tone, voice, and individuality into a creative, consistent, and conversion-focused online presence.

Ethos writes content that feels good to read; it’s up-to-date, search engine optimized, and appealing content that keeps your audience truly captivated. If you’re ready to step up your content marketing click the button below to contact us.